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Heritage Bible Church is a scripture driven church believing in the sanctity and inerrant truth of the Bible.  We profess that the Gospel is easy and that our faith in Jesus leads us home.  We are welcoming with the LOVE of the Lord.  We strive to GROW in faith in each moment as we embrace the Mystery of Jesus Christ.  We PRAY daily that we may serve others and the Lord in our words, actions and deeds.  We want to GO FORTH as Jesus directed and spread his WORD to others.  Pastor Harold Long has evangelized, preached and Pastored for the Lord for 40 years and you will be uplifted and encouraged that through Jesus Christ you have the strength to combat the difficulties in this world.



Every Sunday after service we adjourn to Fellowship Hall and enjoy a time of Christian friendship with light refreshment.  This is a time to share with each other our joys and relish in our Church family.



At Heritage Bible Church you will meet genuine Christian people with true and authentic faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our goals are to love the Lord, share the Lord with others and strive to walk in the light of His Life through His Word.  We are not bound by institutionalized doctrine and outside influences.  We believe the Word, are challenged by the Word and follow the Word.  We ask the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, lead us, comfort us and direct us to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior.


We believe that God created us and is responsible for all we have.  We honor, love and obey his Word and know that our love for Jesus will change us from the inside out and fill us with strength and peace.  Our goal through the church is to get more people loving Jesus and to individually love  Jesus more each day.  Our mission revolves around the presence of Jesus in our lives, our community and our nation.  Our Pastor, leaders and members strive to help all grow in spiritual knowledge and scriptural wisdom.  We are a prayerful church devoted to the power that prayer plays in our lives.  We pray for and relish the presence of the Lord in our church and lives as we surrender to God’s will and accept Jesus.  We need the Lord to come home to us each day and to walk with us every moment.  Prayer shows a dependence on God rather than ourselves.  Prayer allows us to enter the presence of the Lord.


“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”—Mark 6:11



We are saved by the Grace of God.  We know that Grace is undeserved, unearned, unmerited favor from God.  And we know that the visible presence of God is Jesus Christ.  Grace is the Holy gift of God.


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